#Theglobaldairy: Dairy scandals harm government's credibility

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Industrial and commercial authorities in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, disclosed on July 20 that some dairy products of famous Chinese brands are not qualified. The total number of bacterial colonies is much higher than the standard and some even contain cancer-causing Aflatoxin M1.One company said the products are only limited to the Guangzhou market and the other one has not even responded to the dangerous chemicals found in their formula at all.
The national quality inspection authority actually found some dairy products that contain more Aflatoxin M1 than the permitted level half a year ago and required the companies concerned to strengthen their control and supervision of these dangerous chemicals. The China Dairy Industry Association declared recently that China’s dairy products are at their historical best.
The industrial scandals of China’s dairy industry since 2008 prove that these dairy companies are not concerned about the health of consumers, and the China Dairy Industry Association is completely controlled by its member companies. The accountability system of the quality watchdogs and punishment for wrongdoers is almost a failure.
China can draw lessons from many developed countries to deal with this issue. It is urgent for the government to let the shameless companies know the consequences of their illegal actions. If the public is always disappointed by food security issues like this, the biggest victims will not be the companies, but the authority’s credibility.
Translated from Guangzhou Daily

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