Dairy stalwarts Bryan Guy and John Whitelock retire

Dairying stalwarts Bryan Guy and John Whitelock have been saluted with a retirement lunch for their contribution to the industry. By JILL GALLOWAY
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Well known as the father of Scott Guy, who was gunned down in his driveway near Feilding in 2010, Guy told a crowd of about 80 people that he didn’t miss getting up early to milk the cows. He was happy to spend more time with family and in the garden.
Whitelock, whose grandsons include All Black Sam Whitelock, was a dairy farmer and Tui Milk Company chairman before Tui merged with Taranaki’s Kiwi Co-operative Dairies to form Fonterra.
In the dairy industry, Guy was on the board of DairyNZ.
The lunch was put on by the Fonterra shareholders’ council at Palmerston North’s Orlando Country Club.
Guy has sold his dairy farm, which was set up by his father, Grahame Guy. He sold it after the tragedy that afflicted his family.
«I was many years in the dairy industry. But I don’t miss having livestock, getting up at 4am to milk cows. I don’t miss that at all.»
He and his wife Jo have a property with a 1-hectare garden and he said he was still busy.
Guy said he was trustee for the Eastern and Central Community Trust, which gives millions of dollars away each year.
He is also chairman of the Coach House Trust, which runs the Coach House Museum in Feilding.
«But I like being home and gardening. And retirement means we get to spend more time with our family.»
Whitelock said he and his wife Lyndall had four children and they were all in agriculture, with dairy farming prominent.
He said many of the people at the lunch were fourth or fifth-generation dairy farmers. «Which is a great thing for the dairy industry. They can make their way in dairying.»
Source: Stuff
Link: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/86267888/dairy-stalwarts-bryan-guy-and-john-whitelock-retire

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