Dairy cows set Australasian sale records

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Don’t expect the Aussies to roll over after losing a record for dairy cow sales set by the Geddes family from Tai Tapu.
Dean Geddes knows national pride will be at stake after his family sold 52 lots of cows, heifers, calves and embryos to make a sale average of $9211 for an Australasian record.
In front of more than 300 people attending, the sale grossed $479,000 and was topped by a New Zealand record of $38,000 for a yearling heifer, Tahora Braxton Tonibee.
Some distance remains between the highest priced Australian cow and Tonibee, but the Australians will be rankling at the thought Kiwis have put one over them.
Geddes said he and his wife, Jo, were under no illusions they would chase the record hard.
«No-one has ever done that in this part of the world and it’s awesome …. but they will come back and will go even harder like they do in rugby. It’s nice to happen but it won’t last forever.»
The private sale of purebred cows from the family’s Tahora Holstein Friesian Stud at Ballymoney Garden at Tai Tapu, was the result of three years of work and investment in North American and Australian genetics.
«To be honest it will only bring us back to level pegging and I needed a good sale. I have spent a lot of money on breeding, probably four to five and even six times more than normal herds and only get it back from these sales.»
Geddes has retained  a half share in Tonibee, related to last year’s champion Canterbury A & P Show cow, but has sold outright another yearling heifer making $22,000 and a calf worth $27,000.
The fourth generation holstein breeder said Tonibee’s genetics were too good to let go completely and the half share sold to the Anderson family in Ashburton was a good compromise.
Rural Livestock agent Mick Withers said the Geddes had produced a top lineup and deservedly set an Australasian record. «The top heifer selling for $38,000 shows the quality of dairy cattle being produced by the Geddes stud.»
Chequebooks were still open after the Geddes sale and an average of $7180 for 24 lots was made at the Canterbury Collection sale run by the local branch of New Zealand Holstein Friesian Association.
In Australia the record for the top priced dairy animal is expected to topple at the end of the month, when Geddes’ Australian cousin in Victoria puts up two heifers related to a $1 million red and white holstein cow in the United States.

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