TGD: #Dairy protein demand to drive Volac growth

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UK nutrition firm Volac expects consumers to shift from supplements towards high-protein foods in 2013 and has implemented a “positive outlook” for the year.Volac believes that the shift will be particularly noticeable in the UK and demand for lactose-based products in both emerging and European markets is expected to be a key driver of growth.
“Protein is in demand – it is a major pillar of growth,” Mark Neville, Volac’s director of lifestyle nutrition
“People are increasingly trying to focus on what they should and shouldn’t be eating. They are asking, ‘What is good for me?’ There are no negatives with protein.”
“In the last ten to fifteen years, proteins have mainly been marketed in the form of supplements. But there is increasing demand for convenient ways to consume protein.”
Neville believes that the challenge is now on for food manufacturers to make more accessible, tastier high-protein products:“High protein food is now being marketed as food, not as supplements… The next step is to make these high-protein products more convenient, and more delicious. We will see that happen this year.”
In February, Volac reported a 34% year-on-year increase in turnover to £162.4 million. Operating profit was up 38% to £17.3 million after the company experienced strong sales growth in the Netherlands, Malaysia and China.
Source: Ingredients Network

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