NFU welcomes Arla's decision to hold its milk price for September in midst on dairy crisis

President says cooperative is building upon foundations of equality and transparency with moves such as development of farmer-owned marque.
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The NFU has welcomed news that European cooperative Arla is to hold its milk price for September, benefiting around 3,000 British suppliers.
NFU president Meurig Raymond said that while many farmers were still a long way off a sustainable milk price, the move was a constructive one amid continued market uncertainty.
“I believe that this price announcement sends out a clear message to the industry,” he said.
“The continued uncertainty of the markets means we need to remain cautious, but this is a constructive move.
“The current plight of dairy farmers has showed us that as an industry we must work together towards long-term solutions as well as short term action.
“This is further demonstrated by initiatives that Arla is working on across the UK and Europe.”
He added that the NFU was pleased to see the organisation “building upon its foundations of equality and transparency”, as illustrated by recent announcements such as the development of its farmer-owned marque.
“Any initiatives that help farmers to navigate through this unpredictable and difficult period are to be welcomed,” he said.
“NFU members will be aware of the recent moves in the price being paid for milk in the UK, but the crisis in dairy is also being felt across Europe.
“It is therefore good to see that a large Danish retailer, REMA 1000, has now joined other UK retailers in supporting the sector.
“As Arla is a pan-European cooperative, British farmers will benefit from this move.”
The announcement comes after months of ongoing concern surrounding falling prices in the dairy industry, which has seen some farmers being paid less for their milk than the cost of production.
Protests have taken place up and down the country, with distribution centres being blockaded, large quantities of milk being removed from shops and, at one Staffordshire supermarket, two cows being taken through the aisles.
The NFU and other farming organisations have called for urgent action to be taken by retailers, processors, Government and politicians at a European level.
NFU dairy board chairman Rob Harrison said: “The positives are few and far between in the dairy sector at the moment as we’ve seen milk prices plummet over the past 15 months.
“Many UK dairy farmers will be entering yet another month of turmoil after recent price cuts by Meadow Foods and Fayrefield Foods indicated, with more announcements expected this week.
“However this announcement from Arla, alongside recent moves from retailers and Global Dairy Trade improvements, is encouraging.
“As I know all too well, it’s an extremely tough time for dairy farmers at the moment; transparency and stability are two things we are in desperate need of.”
Source: ChronicleLive

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