New Zealand farmers want Global Dairy Trade suspended or fundamentally changed

As global dairy markets continue to crash and farmers around the world start to get paid less for their milk, a push is on to suspend a key world dairy market.
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Global Dairy Trade is a bi-monthly auction of products, which has crashed in recent months to the lowest value in its history.
Some New Zealand dairy farmers are now leading a campaign to suspend the market and create a reserve price scheme.
The move is in response to the country’s largest milk processor, Fonterra, dropping its milk price this season to $3.85 a kilo, well below the cost of production for farmers.
Waikato dairy farmer and dairy industry group vice-chairperson with Federated Farmers of New Zealand, Chris Lewis, raised the idea.
«It would be just like what the Chinese stock market did,» he said.
«They were very proactive in their leadership and they suspended it to hold the value of their stock exchange.»
Mr Lewis said a reserve price system could help the market regain some its recent falls.
Source: ABC

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