#Milk taste seen in a different light

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«It’s all about flavour and the depth of flavour.»New milk packaging designed to keep milk fresher for longer arrived in Taranaki yesterday.
The new triple-layered «light-proof»‘ Anchor milk bottles went on sale across the country yesterday.
Fonterra says its new Anchor triple-layer bottle was the only fresh milk packaging in New Zealand that was 100 per cent light proof.
Even low levels of «light-strike» caused degradation in milk, resulting in poor taste and making it less nutritional, Fonterra said.
Once light damage was present, it only got worse, it said.
About 2800 of the new triple-layer bottles were delivered to Taranaki, but not all stores would have access to the new bottles yet.
Ozone Coffee Bean Store manager and barista trainer Stephanie Noble said an Anchor sales representative visited the King St bean store last week to educate the team on the benefits of the new packaging.
Ms Noble said the new Anchor milk light-proof containers kept the milk more fresh, helping lock in the creamy flavour.
«It’s all about flavour and the depth of flavour you get so it has a creamier, heavier body,» Ms Noble said.
Yesterday was the first day it had been delivered to Ozone and there was no price difference with the new packaging, she said.
Ozone supplied its milk from Anchor because it was always delivered fresh and on time, she said.
New Plymouth Pak ‘n Save fresh food manager Deb Matthews said the new packaging was the most exciting milk innovation she had seen in her 25 years in the industry.
Only Pak ‘n Save had new packaging for dark blue Anchor milk.
The full Anchor range should be on the shelves by the end of the week and tastings would be in store next week, she said.
Ms Matthews, who was not a big milk drinker, raved about the flavour of the milk in the new packaging.
«It’s sensational, it’s really lovely milk,» she said.
The flavour was completely different to what customers would be used to, she said.
«The taste difference is huge.»
The Fonterra website said packaging such as white opaque bottles allowed 7 per cent to 25 per cent of light through.
«Similar to how sun impacts your skin; light reacts with nutrients in milk like vitamin A and energy releasing vitamin B2, a process that begins to degrade the fresh taste and nutritional benefits of milk,» Fonterra said.
The inside and outside layers are opaque white but the middle layer is the game changer – coloured black so it blocks out 100 per cent of light.
Baristas observed a noticeable difference with the frothing performance of Anchor light proof, Fonterra said.
Light-damaged milk contained increased levels of free-fatty acids that interfered with frothing, it said.
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