Milk Protest: Farmers leave protest site in stoke and head back along the A50

Around 30 tractors and at least 50 farmers are heading back to their herds after a peaceful protest outside Morrison's Supermaket in Stoke.
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The farmers drove in single file up the A50 from Sudbury this afternoon for a second round of campaigning for fairer milk prices.
Staffordshire Police said they were happy that things remained peaceful and members of the public offered them support.
Sheila Adams, 37, from Hanley saw the farmers set up their protest in the Festival Park store’s car park this afternoon.
She said: «The farmers have my sympathy and they’ve all been very polite out here today. Now I have a better understanding of their problem and it’s not fair.»
«I would happily pay 20p more for two litres of milk.»
Tim Black, 58, was also at the store when the protest began. He told the News Telegraph: «I remember when milk used to be delivered by the milkman – perhaps we should go back to those days and just get milk direct from the farm.»
One farmer involved in the protest, who did not want to give his name, said: «we’ve spoken to customers and explained why we are doing this.
«Most people seem to be sympathetic to our problem so now we need to get the message out to even more people.
«It’s not our last protest, we’ll keep on until we get paid a fair price for our milk.
«We don’t want to do what the French are doing and spray manure and close roads.
«We want to sort this out without causing problems for the public because we need them on our side.
Chris, who did not want to give his surname, is another of the farmers who attended the protest.
He said earlier today outside Morrison’s in Festival Park: «what we’re doing is we want to highlight what retailers are doing to the British agricultural industry.
«The problem we’re facing is bigger than just falling milk prices.
«We’ve come to Morrison’s because they’re one of the worst for paying low prices.
«I’ve just been in and bought 2.27 litres of milk and it cost me 89p. That costs us 81p to produce.
«Nothing has changed since last week when we first protested so we felt the need to come out again.
«But we listened to the public’s views and we’ve only used one carriageway to minimise traffic disruption.
«We just want a fair price for our produce.»
Morrison’s have been invited to comment but have yet to respond.
Source: New Telegraph

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