#Dairy Farmers Continue Brussels Protest

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EU – European Commissioner Dacian Ciolos has witnesses milk producers commemorate 15,000 dairy farm closures since 2009.More than 3500 milk producers met with 1000 tractors to demonstrate otuside the European Parliament.The aim of the protest is to call on decision-makers to act responsibly with the producer in mind and decide on efficient rules for the market.

In order to emphasise their demands, the dairy farmers planned to stay for two days and spend a night in a big marquee built in front of the European Parliament.
“The fact that so many colleagues from all over Europe have demonstrated shows how important the future of rural agricultureis for society. said EMB-President Romuald Schaber,» said EMB President, Romauld Schaber.
«This future can only be secured through flexible supply management through a European Monitoring Agency,» added Mr Schaber.
Sieta van Keimpema, Vice-President of the EMB said: «There is an answer to the closure of farms. With the aid of a flexible supply management a further damage to the milk market can be prevented.»
Source: AgWeb

Mirá También

Así lo expresó Domingo Possetto, secretario de la seccional Rafaela, quien además, afirmó que a los productores «habitualmente los ignoran los gobiernos». Además, reconoció la labor de los empresarios de las firmas locales y aseguró que están «esperanzados» con la negociación entre SanCor y Adecoagro.

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