#Cheese Market Grows in Russia

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RUSSIA – This year Russia is forecast to produce 460,000 tonnes of cheese – a rise of 12 per cent on 2011.The value of the market has grown by more than 19 per cent year on year, from 45.8 billion rubles in 2011 to 51.3 billion rubles.

Much of the growth in the market is the result of investment from the Russian government, which plans to invest 100 billion rubles in the development of the dairy industry over the next eight years, according to a report on Agroru.com.
The government expects the industry to increase production by 25 per cent through this investment to produce 576,000 tonnes of cheese a year.
The rise in production is also matched by a rise in consumption of cheese in Russia which has increased by around four per cent over the last three years.
Despite the rise in production, Russia also still imports a large quantity of cheese, which was 218,000 tonnes in 2011 but is expected to fall to 202,000 tonnes this year, largely due to a ban on cheese products from Ukraine.
As part of the accession to the World Trade Organisation, Russia has also had to reduce import duties which have been evened out to around 15 per cent for all cheese products.

Source: The Dairy Site

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