As Demand for Food Ingredients Increases, Experts See Growth in India

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The food ingredient sector is on a high growth trajectory. Strong consumption and investment demand are expected to drive the segment, according to industry experts.
According to Frost & Sullivan the global sector for food ingredients would reach $30 billion in 2010 with a growth rate of around 6 percent. Indian food ingredient industry is estimated at US$500 million.
World over, the food ingredients market is fast expanding. The growth is primarily driven by the promising prospects in the processed food market, stated Dr V Prakash, former director, Central Food Technological Research India(CFTRI), Mysore.
The increasing urbanisation, changing lifestyles and the need for convenient healthy foods have led to food processing sector insist on novel kinds of food ingredients like dietary oxidants, probiotics additives, flavours, colours and nutritional boosters.
The leading global companies in the country which are engaged in the research and development of food ingredients are the Denmark-based Danisco; the Netherlands’ DSM which is known for its range of carotenoids; soya-based protein nuggets from Solae Company, and BASF, which is engaged in the crop protection chemicals. In fact, it is the multinational companies which have a share of over 50 percent in India.
Some of the leading companies in the domestic market are Griffith Labs, Pristine Organics, Cargill Flavours, AB Mauri, Sonarome ITC Colors and Phytotec Extracts, to name a few.
Specific to the ingredients from the milk industry, there are dairy concentrates; butterfat skimmed; delactosed which is a high-protein food ingredient derived from whey; dry milk powders of varied fat contents; phosphoprotein; casein (which is used as an emulsifying and binding agent for preparation of cheese); whey; lactalbumin (which is used as an emulsifying and binding agent); lactoglobulin (which is a whey protein which functions as a gelling and stabilising agent) and lactose, stated officials from the department of quality control, Karnataka Milk Federation.
There are also a range of specialised food ingredients like stabilisers, texture-modifiers, resistant starch, trans-free fats, Omega-3 which are driving the growth of the market.
According to K C Raghu, managing director, Pristine Organics, there are several soya-based ingredients and cereal- and pulse-based ingredients. Some of these are whole meals; refined flours; bran; fibre; starches with many derivatives and proteins of different concentrations. Products from Pristine include First Bites and Naturice for children; Poushtik, a multi-grain soya-based porridge for adults and teenagers; Deccan Gold Coffee; Organic Cookies; ReFibre, an organic millet fibre and bakery fat Lisse.
In fact, early last year, Pristine Organics was engaged in creating an awareness about a food ingredient called Green Cress, which will be added in the nutritional supplement product of the company. The ingredient is highly recommended as it is used for pregnancy and lactation. Garden cress is an important source of iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamins C, E and A. It contains linoleic fatty acids. Although the seeds are known to be high in calories and protein, its leaves are reported to be known to have an excellent source of vitamin A, C and folate.
Source: Food and Beverage News

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