19 more dairy farmers quit

The number of dairy herds in Scotland has dipped again as another 19 farmers quit the industry, according to the latest figures.
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Figures published every six months by the Scottish Dairy Cattle Association showed in the period up to July 1 the total number of herds stood at 982. But overall cow numbers have increased by 1,204 to 174,487.
These figures break three records in that 982 is the lowest number of dairy herds in Scotland since records began in 1903, but 174,487 is the highest number of milking and dry cows since the year 2000. Average herd size of 178 is the highest on record.
Six new dairies started milking from January to July, but overall there was a net loss of 19 herds. Dumfriesshire registered the largest loss of seven dairy farms and 667 cows, while Kirkcudbrightshire had a one-herd net gain and added 808 cows. Wigtownshire had the same net number of herds but added 1,008 cows.
Commenting on the six-month results, Janette Mathie, secretary of the dairy association, said: “With the sad and tragic state of the ex-farm price of milk today, nobody will be surprised with the net loss of 19 herds in the past six months but some might be surprised with the increase in cow numbers.
“Planning a future in dairying is a long-term business; from erecting new buildings and rearing extra replacements it is at least a three-year process. Most of the expansion was planned three years or more ago when milk prices were good and farmers were being encouraged to invest in the future. But once the plan is started there is little you can do to stop it.
“I feel very sorry for dairy farmers at the moment as they are really trying their best under great pressure.”

Source: AgriView

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